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Winpark is the only parking management company to offer parking management software specifically designed for the exacting requirements of Class A office tower garage operations.

Cloudpark Office Tower Parking SoftwareTM was developed by Winpark in conjunction with Hines Real Estate. The result is a proprietary software platform that allows for automated application of complex office tower lease agreement parameters, specifically as they relate to parking. Cloudpark Office Tower Parking SoftwareTM automatically adjusts to specific lease abstracts ensuring that all contracted revenue is accurately billed, collected and accounted for. Cloudpark Office Tower Parking SoftwareTM is a service exclusively provided by Winpark.

cloud computing imageFeatures of Cloudpark Office Tower Parking SoftwareTM include:

  • Transparent, easy to understand processes with clear reporting
  • Cloud-based platform allows for clients to access reports and information in real-time
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface for both parking staff and property management
  • Multiple access levels, allowing for user groups to have complete separation of duties
  • Monthly invoices sent electronically, parkers have online account access
  • Integrates with all major parking access and revenue control systems
  • Multi-facility integration allows for ease of use across locations within a portfolio

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