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The strengths of leadership

Amy Zaid

Regional Vice President

Amy joined Winpark in 2011 as an Assistant Parking Manager and was quickly promoted to Parking  Manager of the 600 and 601 Travis Garages. During her time there she was instrumental in resolving  the issues surrounding their recent equipment installation. These efforts were featured in Parking  Today as well as The Parking Professional. Amy then spearheaded the use of iPad Management to  operate multiple facilities remotely.


During her tenure at Winpark, Amy and her team developed an Automation Manual that serves as valuable tool for all new installations. This helps create a seamless process for managers from the early stages of creating an RFP to the “Go Live” day. This resource ensures that the clients’ needs are

met with minimal concerns.


Her love for technology is seen through each and every installation. Guiding her team through successful install is her number one focus. Amy enjoys creating an environment where her team is  eager to learn and be developed.


Amy currently oversees the operations for the entire Winpark portfolio. She manages capital  projects, marketing efforts and implementation of operational procedures. Amy also ensures all  budgets and company procedures are adhered to, maximizing clients’ revenue and enhancing service  delivery for guests.


Amy supervises the quality of work from all employees to guarantee work tasks and assignments are  performed efficiently, effectively, and with the utmost customer service.

Strengthsfinder Top Five:

  • Competition
  • Achiever
  • Maximizer
  • Relator
  • Activator
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