Kudos to two employees


TEMPE, AZ—On Friday, July 11, 2014, the power failed at the 201 S. Ash Garage. Prior to the power failure; Bernie Rivas, the on-site maintenance personnel for 201 S. Ash Garage, observed a family with a baby and a toddler enter a garage elevator.  When the power failed, the elevator with the young family was caught between two floors.  Bernie immediately relayed the entrapment to his supervisor, Parking Manager Zachary Cook, who called the Tempe Fire Department.

During the wait for the Fire Department, Bernie remained with the family reassuring and updating them on Fire Department progress.  After the successful rescue from the hot elevator, Bernie greeted the freed family with bottles of cold water.

Bernie’s alertness and his calm, compassionate response kept the situation from escalating.  Zachary presented Bernie with Winpark’s Certificate of Appreciation and a Visa gift card for averting a crisis and epitomizing Winpark customer service.

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